Dr دکتر امیر عباس فرشید

مدارک علمی دانشگاهی

دکترای تخصصی پاتولوژی دامپژشکی - PhD


 دوره های تخصصی گذرانده


 PhD (Veterinary Pathology),College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences,KAU,India


 Special Courses Undertaken:


Electron microscope operator training course on CM basic,January 24-28,2000,University of Utrecht,The Netherlands,


Specimen prepration for EM, January 31-February 4,2000,University of Utrecht,The Netherlands


Advance TEM prepration techniques & advanced TEM methods in life sciences, May 21-31,2000,University of Utrecht,The Netherlands



سایر مهارت ها

Autopsy Histopathology Electron microscopy                                                                                       


وضعیت شغلی و مسئولیت اجرایی


Chairman,Department of Pathology,College of Veterinary Medicine,Urmia University 1994-2003 Head,Electron microscope Center,Urmia University,since 1999

Deputy Dean for Research,College of Veterinary Medicine,Urmia University,P.O.Box1177,Urmia,Iran,Since 2003 


مرتبه علمی

Associate Professor                                                                                                                         


عضویت در کمیته های تخصصی و اجرایی

Member of Iranian Board of Examiners for Veterinary Pathology 


عضویت در انجمن های علمی


Life member,Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists

Member of Board of Advisors,American Biographical Institute 



مقالات چاپ شده در مجلات علمی و پژوهشی و یا ISI


Research Articles Published

1-K.I.Maryamma,Rajan,A.,Gopalakrishnan Nair,M.Ismail,P.K.,Manomohan,C.B. and Farshid,A.A.,(1990).Pathology of citrinin toxicosis in chicken and analysis of residual toxins in tissues.J.Vet.&Anim.Sci.,21:67-71.


2-Farshid,A.A. and Rajan,A.,(1992).Ochratoxin A residues in muscle tissue of Japanese quail. J.Vet.&Anim.Sci.,23:38-39.


3- Farshid,A.A. and Rajan,A.,(1992).Pathomorphological and histological observations on the lymphoid organs of Japanese quail. J.Vet.&Anim.Sci.,23:65-68.


4-Farshid,A.A.,Sundararaj,A. and Parthasarathy,K.R.,(1993).Urinary,serum and histochemical localization of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase in experimental tubular damage in dogs.Indian Vet.J.,70:906-908.


5- Farshid,A.A.,Sundararaj,A. and Parthasarathy,K.R.,(1993).Serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase as a differential diagnostic aid in jaundice in canines(A clinico-pathological study).Indian Vet.J.,70:1005-1007.


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12-Alidadi,N.,Tavassoli,M.,Farshid,A.A.,Mortaz,E. and Hashemi Assl,M.M.,(1999).A case of recurrent trumboembolic colic in a horse of Urmia.Iranian J. Vet. Res.,2(1):77-85(published in Persian).


13-Sarrafzadeh Rezaei,F.,Farshid,A.A. and Rafiei Mohammadi,M.(2001).The histopathological evaluation of surgical wound contamination from distant infective source in rabbit:An experimental study.Pajouhesh & Sazandegi,50:33-37(Published in Persian).


14-Tamadonfard,E.,Babapour,V. and Farshid,A.A.,(2001).The effect of ICV injection of histamine on food/water intake ratio in the rabbit. J.Facul. Vet. Med. Tehran University,56:107-112(Published in Persian).


15-Farshid,A.A.,Sadeghi-Hashjin,G. and Ferdowsi,H.R.,(2002).Histopathological studies on the effect of peroxynitrite on the lungs and trachea of rabbits.Eur.Respir.J.,20:1-3.


16-Shirpor,A.,Taghizadeh Afshar,A.,Farshid,A.A.and Eskandari,M.,(2002).The effect of cyclosporin A on mammary glands of rats.The Journal of Urmia University of Medical Sciences,13(2):102-108(Published in Persian).


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19-Dalir-Naghadeh,B., Seifi,H.A. and Farshid,A.A.,(2004).Congenital Bovine Epitheliogenesis Imperfecta: A Report of Three Cases from Iran. J.Vet.Med.A 51:409-412.


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32- Amir Abbas FarshidEsmaeal Tamaddonfard, Melika sadat Belasius and Nasrin Hamzeh-Gooshchi (2009).Histopathological comparison of the effects of histidine in rat model of colitis Bulletin of Veterinary Institute in Pulawy, 53: 795-800.


33- Amir Erfanparast, Esmaeal Tamaddonfard, Amir Abbas Farshid, Emad Khalilzadeh (2010). Effect of microingection of histamine into the dorsal hippocampus on the orofacial formalin-induced pain in rats, European Journal of Pharmacology, 627: 119-123.


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Articles Presented in Conferences



1-Alidadi,N.,Tavasoli,M.,Farshid,A.A.,Mortaz,E.and Hashemi Asl, M.M.,(1996). Case report on a chronic intermitant colic in a 13year old mare.First congress on hygiene and disease of horse.Tehran,Iran


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5-Sadeghi-Hashjin,G.,Farshid,A.A.and Goldarzehi,A.,(2000).The inhibitory effect of Triamcinolone on delayed type hypersensitivity in the mouse.5th Iranian Congress of Immunology and allergy,Tarbiat Modarres University,Tehran,Iran


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27- Shojaei Sadee,HabibAllahFarshid Amir Abbas and Sadrkhanlou, Rajabali (2007). Atypical endometrial hyperplasia in estradiol valerate-Induced polycystic ovary in rat, International Symposium on Cancer & Reproduction, Valencia, Spain.


28- Shahram Javadi, Amir Abbas Farshid, Assieh Eftekhari, Hossien Tajik, Ahmad Rezaiean , Marjan Javadi and Syavash Ahmadi Noorbakhsh (2008). Effects of grape-seed oil on reduction of pathological changes in diabetes mellitus in rat. 4th ISAVA Congress and 5th WSAVA continued Education program, Tehran, Iran.



29- Esmaeelian, B., Rahmani, S., Shokouhi Sabet-Jalali, F. and Farshid, A.A.(2008). Clinical and histopathological evaluation of phenytoin sodium in treatment of experimental wound in dog. 1st International congress of veterinary pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences, Tehran , Iran.


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31- Syedeh Fatereh Yahyaie, Amir Abbas Farshid and Esmaeal Tamaddonfard (2009). Effect of intraperitonial injection of histidine and N acetyl cystein on edema induced by intraplantar injection of caraginan in rat, The 9th annual scientific meeting of Iranian pain society, the 1st international meeting of pain, Anzali, Iran.



32- S. Gholizadeh-Soltani, H. Malekinejad, A. A. Farshid & J Nowrouzzadeh (2009). Effect of administration of mycophenolate mofetile with gentamycin or  ceftriaxone on experimentally induced pyelonephritis in rats, 11thInternational congress of EAVPT Leipzig, Germany.



جوایز و پاداش ها

Dr.Ganti A.Sastry Award for the best article of the year 1996,Indian Veterinary Journal Included in the outstanding people of the 20th century,International Biographical Institute,Cambridge,England


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