علی اصغر تهرانی

Name: Ali Asghar Tehrani, Birth place: Tehran,Date of birth, 1336 
Educational Bachground 
College Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
University of the Philippines 
Diliman, Quezon city , The philippines 
Masteral Degree Master of Science in Veterinary Pathology 
Ph D Ph D in Veterinary Pathology 
Department of Pathology 
Tehran university Iran 
Present Position 
Associate Professor 
Department of Pathobiology 
Urmia University 

       Associate Professor Department of Pathobiology Teaching from 1386


مدارک علمی دانشگاهی
Doctor of veterinary medicine College of Veterinary Medicine University of the philippines Philippines Master of science in Veterinary Pathology College of Veterinary Medicine University of the philippines Philippines Ph.D in Veterinary pathology Department of Pathobiology College of Veterinary Medicine Tehran University Tehran, Iran

سایر مهارت ها
Officer in charge and instructor in Laboratory Animal Science Center


وضعیت شغلی و مسئولیت اجرایی
Faculty -Member Department of Pathobiology Urmia University Urmia, Iran


مرتبه علمی
Assistant-Professor in Veterinary Pathology


عضویت در کمیته های تخصصی و اجرایی
Member, Philippine Veterinary Medical Association Member university of the philippines Alumni Association Member Rodeo Club University ofthe Philippine


عضویت در انجمن های علمی 
EMBERSHIP/PROFESSIONAL SOCITIES: 1.Member, Philippine Veterinary Medical Association 2.Member, University of the Philippines, Alumni Association 3Member, Rodeo Club, University of the Philippines 4. Member, Federation of Asian Veterinary Association


مقالات ارائه شده در سمینارها و یا کنفرانسهای علمی



  1. Book of AbstractsWorld Aquaculture 2003SalvadorBrazilThe Effects of Artemia urmiana Meal and Fish Meal in the Performance of Broiler Chicken . p. 621.
  2. Book of Abstracts, World Aquaculture 2003Salvador BrazilDyschondroplasia in Broilers Fed Ration with Brine Shrimp (Artemia urmiana)
  3. Book of Abstracts, Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2003Sept. 22-25, 2003BangkokThailandInvestigation of the Black Disease in Artemia urmiana Under Laboratory Condition.
  4. Book of Abstracts. The 3rd Convention of  Iranian Veterinary CliniciansNovember 28-20 2002,  College of Veterinary Midicine,University of FerdowsiMashad: Pathological Studies on the Effects of Feeding Various Levels of Artemia urumiana in Broilers.
  5. Book of Abstracts, The 3rd Convention of Iranian Veterinary CliniciansNovember 28-30, 2002College of Veterinary Medicine,University of FerdowsiMashad: Hematological Studies on the Effects of Feeding Various levels of Artemia urmiana in Broilers.
  6. Short Paper PublishedIranian Journal of Veterinary ResearchUniversity of ShirazVol. 5. No.2 Ser.No.10, 1383, 2004:  Isolation and Identification of Pasteurella hemolytica biotype A in Urmia. Iran.pp: 105-109.
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  9. Accepted for publication at The Philippines Journal of Veterinary MedicineCollege of Veterinary Medicine ,University of thePhilippinesPATHOLOGICALL STUDIES ON THE EFFECTS OF FEEDING VARIOUS LEVELS OF ARTEMIA URMIANA IN BROILERS.


12. Accepted for Publication at the Journal of Veterinary Medicine                                                                                                                                  

       Physiology, Pathology , Clinical Medicine ENHANCING EFFECT OF                       




13.  Undergraduate thesis unpublishedThe study on the  Acute  and

        Chronic Toxicity of Azole Pesticide in Brine Shrimp (Artemia          



14.  Undergraduate thesis unpublishedThe effects of the carbamate 

       pesticide on the larva and adult brine shrimp (Artemia urumiana).


15. Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(adviser)  The pathological  

       study on  the skin lesion on poultry carcasses.


16. Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(adviser)    Pathological studies

       on  the Phytobezoars in the abomasums of the herik sheep in

       Northwestern of Iran.


17. Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(adviser)  Etiopathological study

       on    the dead  Squirrel refer to the Department of Pathobiology, Urmia       

       University,  Iran.


18.  Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(Adviser) Pathological studies

       of  the liver In cattle in urmiaIran


19. Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(adviser) The study of the

       lesions  found in  Nervous system related to seizure in small animal.


20. Undergraduate thesis unpublished.(adviser)  Pathological studies

       of the mice  Placenta inoculated with Brucella abortus.


21. Undergarduate thesis unpublished.(adviser) Pathological  and

       Microbiological of Pneumonic pasteurellosis in sheep in Urmia.


22.  Undergraduate thesis unpublished.Clinico-pathological study on

        The  Footrot in sheep (post graduate thesisCRITIC)


23. Undergraduate thesis  unpublished. (adviser)Study on anti-

       Inflammatory effects of silymarin on U.V. irradiated quinea pig skin

24. Mohammad Yakhchali and Ali asghar tehrani,Eimerilosis and Pathological findings in New Zealand white Rabbits. 2007. Journal ofbiological science7(8) 1488

25. F.s. Sabet JalaliHossein Tajic and ali Asghar Tehrani. Experimental Evaluation of repair process of burn wound treated with Aquous extract of Achilla millfollium on Animal model. Clinical and histopathology. Journal of Animal and veterinary advances.2007.6(12) 1357-1367

26.S. SeifzadehA.Tehrani. Enhancing effect of Aquous garlic Extract on wound healing in dogClinical and histopathological studies.2006.Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 2006. 5(12) 1191-1104. .


Completed Research:


  1. Investigation on Black Disease in Artemia urmianaPathological Studies; Microbiological Studies; Nutritional Studies.   Research funded by Urmia University
  2. Pathological and Hematological Studies on the Effects of Feeding Various Levels of Artemia urmiana in BroilersResearch Funded by Urmia University.








  1. Presentor during the poster presentation on “OVINE PATEURELLOSIS IN URMIA, IRAN  in the 8th Congress of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Association held at the Manila Hotel, Philippines on November 21-25, 1992.
  2. International Training Course on Management of Sustainable Aquaculture Systems from 30 May-05 July at Southeast AsianFisheries Development CenterTigbauanIloiloPhilippines
  3. International Workshop on Artemia Urmia 2001 from 12-15 May 2001 at Artemia and Aquatic Animals Research CenterUrmiaUniversityIran 
  4. Presentor during the The 3rd  Convention of Iranian Veterinary Clinicians Nov. 28-30,2002College of Veterinary Medicine,University of FerdowsiMashad:Pathological Studies on the Effect of Feeding Various levels of Artemia urmiana meals in Broiler.  

Presentor during the The 3rd Convention of Iranian Veterinary Clinicians, Nov. 28-30, 2002, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ferdowsi, MashadHematological Studies on the Effect of Feeding Various Levels of Artemia urmiana meals in Broiler


تدریس در دانشگاهها

Azad university

Urmia University

آدرس : ارومیه-ارشلو-میلاد-پلاک 13


تلفن : 3367568


آدرس پست الکترونیکی : manijehid@yahoo.com