Dr. Farrokhi Teymurlu

رحمان فرخی تيمورلو

Rahman Farrokhi Teimourlou

Assistant Professor

Agricultural Machinery Engineering Department, Agriculture Faculty

Email: r.farrokhi@urmia.ac.ir

Tel: 0441 277 2362 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0441 277 2362 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Academic Degrees:

Ph.D. in the field of Environment Resources at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, Japan, 2009

M.Sc. in Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Agriculture Faculty, Tehran University, Iran, 2000

B.Sc. in Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Agriculture Faculty, Urmia University, Iran, 1995




Reviewed Journal Papers:

1.       Arefi A., Modarres Motlagh A. and R. Farrokhi Teimourlou (2010) A segmentation algorithm for the automatic recognition of tomato at harvest. International Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE). 8 (3&4) pp 815-819.


2.       Farrokhi Teimourlou, R. and N. Noguchi. (2009) Development of Intelligent System for Field Robot in Grass Land (Part 2)-Absolute heading angle estimation using an omnidirectional camera- Journal of JSAM.  71(4) pp 43-51.


3.       Farrokhi Teimourlou, R. and N. Noguchi. (2008) Development of Intelligent System for Field Robot in Grass Land (Part 1)- Hay bale detection using an omnidirectional camera. Journal of JSAM. 70 (5) pp 69-76.


4.       Oscar C. Barawid, Jr., R. Farrokhi Teimourlou and N. Noguchi. (2008) Automatic guidance system in real-time orchard application (part 1) A novel research on coconut field application using laser scanner. Journal of JSAM. 70 (6) pp76-84.



Reviewed Conference Papers:



1.       Shahgoli, G., Y. Abbaspour Gilandeh and  R. Farrokhi Teimourlou. Using of required energy for loosening soil in comparing cultivation implements. 6th national conference on Agricultural machinery and mechanization. Sep.15-16, 2010.

2.       Farrokhi Teimourlou, R., M. Yusuke and N. Noguchi. Navigation of agricultural robot using omnidirectional camera grass land. 4th IFAC international conference on bio-robotics, information technology and intelligent control for bioproduction systems. Sep.10-11, 2009.

3.       Farrokhi Teimourlou, R.and N. Noguchi. Estimating Hay Bale Position with Stereo Vision Technique using an Omnidirectional Camera. Proceeding of the 17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul, Korea. July 6-11, 2008. pp 1584-1589

4.       Farrokhi Teimourlou, R., K. Ishii and N. Noguchi. Development of hay bals detection algorithm using omnidirectional multi-camera. 2nd IFAC international conference on modeling and design of control systems in agriculture. Sep.03-05, 2007. pp 211-216.


Teaching Activities:


B.Sc. :

Electricity principles

Measurment and control system

Special English

Workshop operation


M.Sc. :

Measurments methods and Instruments