Dr. Rasul Shabani

Rasoul Shabani


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering School, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran

Phone: (+98) 44- 31942948

Fax: (+98) 44-32773951

Postal Code: 15311-57561

Email: r.shabani@urmia.ac.ir


Research Interests:

ü  Nonlinear dynamics

ü  Chaotic vibrations

ü  Nonlinear control problems

ü  Control of electro servo Hydraulic systems

ü  Fluid structure interaction field

ü Dynamic and control of MEMS and NEMS systems

Educational Background:

ØSharif university of technology, Tehran, Iran (www.sharif.ir)   

PHD in Mechanical engineering(2006) , Appliedmechanics



ØSharif university of technology, Tehran, Iran (www.sharif.ir)   

M.Sc in Mechanical engineering(1996) , Appliedmechanics



ØKhaje Nasir Toosi University of technology, Tehran, Iran (www.Kntu.ac.ir)  

B. Sc in Mechanical engineering (1993), Design of solids 

Teaching Experiences:

Undergraduate Courses

ü  Dynamics 

ü  Automatic 

ü  Machine Dynamics 

ü  Mechanical Vibrations 

Graduate Courses

ü  Advance engineering mathematics 

ü  Advance linear control

ü  Nonlinear control

ü  Continuous Vibrations

ü  Nonlineare Vibrations



     Design and construction of a compressor based on hypocycloidal mechanism

Industrial experiences:


v     Design and construction of a closed loop one D.O.F electro-servo hydraulic shaking table.(It was installed in soil dynamic laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Tehran University, Tehran, IRAN)

v     Design and construction of a closed loop one D.O.F electro-servo hydraulic shaking table.(It was installed in Seismology and earthquake research center, Amirkabi University of Technology, Tehran university, Tehran, IRAN)

v     Design and construction of a closed loop one D.O.F electro-servo hydraulic shaking table.(It was installed in Research center for disaster management and infra-structure engineering, Urmia University, Urmia, IRAN)

v     Design and construction of a closed loop Wave maker. (It was installed in Hydraulic laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, Tehran University, Tehran, IRAN)



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